Am I a Candidate?

Weight Loss surgery is indicated for people who have significant weight to lose, known as obesity. But it's not just about weight... Recently, bariatric surgery has been found to significantly improve quality of life through resolution or improvement of comorbidities related to excess weight. 

Do you suffer with Diabetes? Sleep Apnea? Joint Pain? Endocrine problems? Fatigue?

Often bariatric surgery can help improve your life, and these comorbidities can be indicative of the need for weight loss surgery. We offer guidelines that provide general qualifications used by Medicare or many insurance companies to determine whether you are a good candidate for bariatric surgery and will receive potential insurance coverage.

Our bariatric specialists in your surgeon’s office will assist you with financial and insurance-related questions. Have questions? Give us a call or attend a seminar to learn more about whether you are a candidate!

BMI, also known as your Body Mass Index, is a formula using weight and height to estimate potential obesity. For most people, the BMI number provides a reasonable estimate of body fat. In order to be a candidate for bariatric surgery at Rose Bariatric Center, you generally need to have a BMI of 35 or greater (approximately 80-100 lbs. over ideal body weight) or a BMI of 30+ with associated co-morbidities (medical problems associated with and/or caused by obesity). The below tool will help you calculate your BMI!

Once you know your BMI, give us a call to schedule a consult.

BMI Calculator

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