An exercise program that works

Exercise is a key component to losing weight after surgery, maintaining weight loss and improving both general function and health. However, getting the right advice and approach is important as you move forward to stay safe and achieve your goals. Our surgeons and staff can assist you in finding your best exercise plan for successful weight loss.

We also coordinate with an array of independent trainers throughout the Denver area. If you are new to exercise, working with a trainer is an excellent means to develop a safe and effective program. Exercise services range from a single “getting-started session” to ongoing training sessions to a mentor program that offers monthly coaching so you can use your program at home or at a facility.

Use the graphic pathway below to guide you through potential exercise paths to help you succeed in achieving your goals and taking full advantage of your surgery on your ongoing journey.

Recommended Exercise Pathway

Both pre-surgical and post-surgical exercise is recommended to encourage weight loss, comorbidity resolution and a healthy lifestyle. Our partners are experienced in working with patients who have had bariatric surgery, and their recommended exercise regiments are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

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